7 Wind Power Frequently Asked Questions By Homeowners

December 13, 2012

Many people have questions about the wind power tax credit that is available. Since the U.S. government is offering tax credits for those that are using wind power as a primary energy source there are questions that homeowners have about taking advantage of these tax credits. Some of the wind power frequently asked questions that are available on the wind energy forum. Some of the most frequently asked questions are as follows.

wind power homeowner faq

wind power homeowner faq

1) Is there any limit to the size of the production tax credit?
No there is no limit on the size of the tax credit. Those who install a million dollar wind power system can receive a 300,000 dollar tax credit. This is certainly an inspiration for people to look into using wind power to supply their energy needs, there is no end to the IRS credits that may be available for using wind power,

2) The second question is about the battery pack: Users ask What is the size of the battery that is needed?
This questions has a few different answers, but one of the answers that is generally applicable to users is that the cost per battery is about 90 dollars. The typical battery cost per home is about 2,000 and 4,000 dollars. Many people will use these batteries and will use them on their particular homes. Some of the average home installations take 8 batteries. This will likely be paid back in terms of the tax credit.

3) The next question is whether wind power and solar energy are good investments? People are concerned about his because obviously there is some initial outlay when individuals choose to go to either wind power or solar power as an investment. You can lower your electrical expenses for a lifetime and increase your asset i.e. home with these features. They tend to sell well so not only will you be getting a lifetime of free energy you will have a great selling point in terms of your home. You of course will also be able to get an IRS tax credit for your expenditures.

4) Another frequently asked questions is: What size system is needed for a home installation? The answer to that is that any size system that is reduces your power bill will help. One can always upgrade the system as they see fit, and can use the tax credit multiple times for system upgrades.

5) Most homeowners have questions about the wind tax production credits. some of the questions revolve around the reasoning for government tax credits. People want to know Why the government is offering the tax credits? Obviously, the reasoning behind it is to make the U.S. as energy efficient as possible. The amount of money that is available in terms of tax credits for wind turbines and other renewable sources of energy is roughly 500 million dollars, so it is not a small amount of money.

6) Another interesting question that is asked by homeowners and business-owner is How to sell their electric power back to the grid? This is a question that homeowners heed to discuss with their electric power company to come up with a fair figure in terms of selling their unused electrical power back to the company, There is no stipulation to how this can be done. This is one of the types of the sort of things that you will need to know before embarking on the project. Homeowners wish to find out if selling power back this will effect their tax credit? It will not, as most people do not deduct electrical power from their taxes.

7) Homeowners also want to know if they can take the wind power and solar energy deductions twice, and what the IRS regulations are in terms of the program? The answer is that it is certainly possible to take the 30 percent solar wind energy tax credit twice. It is a 30 percent credit, and homeowners can take he credit more than once if they choose to install the system twice or upgrade it with additional options. This is one of the great things about the credits and reasons that homeowners should be considering them.

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As a homeowner, do you have any question about wind power that has not been addressed by wind power frequently asked questions above? Please tell us your question. We will find the answer the best we can in the comment area below.


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