The Process of Installing Fiberglass Insulation

June 3, 2013
Install Fibre Glass Insulation At Home

Install Fibre Glass Insulation At Home

Insulation is essential for any home in today’s world. It is extremely difficult to find a place in the United States where you do not need heating or cooling appliances. These machines consume a great deal of energy, which can be lost if air is able to escape from your home. Insulation helps to keep the air within your home at a comfortable temperature while preventing outside temperatures and air from penetrating through your walls. Thus, insulation can actually help you to save a great deal of money. Local fiberglass insulation in San Jose is one of the most popular insulation materials to use in attics and walls and it can even be installed on your own, though a professional will probably be able to do a better job. Still, many people want to save money in today’s tough economy and decide to do this project on their own. Here are some of the basics of installing fiberglass insulation.


As with any large project, you will need to prepare your supplies and tools before you begin to do any work. Installing fiberglass insulation does not actually require a large amount of tools since you will be simply stuffing it into your wall. If you are installing insulation in a new room that does not have drywall, you will only need to have a tape measurer, a straight edge, and a utility knife, which are the same things that you’ll need if you are installing insulation in your attic. If you are installing insulation in a room that already has drywall, you will need a hammer or some other tool to remove the drywall so that you can access the interior area. Before you begin to handle the insulation, you will also need clothes that cover your entire body, gloves, work goggles, and a mask, all of which will help to protect your skin from the annoying glass fibers that are present in the insulation.


Installing fiberglass insulation is a relatively easy process that does not require a great deal of work. Simply unroll a long sheet of the insulation and place it in the opening in your wall. Make sure that there is a tight fit and cut the insulation a couple inches longer at the bottom so that you can stuff more insulation into the opening. Make sure that you are careful around any cords or wires and put the insulation in every open area that you can find. You will more than likely have some scraps that can be stuffed wherever you can find room.


The most important part of installing local fiberglass insulation in San Jose is that you do not leave any cracks or open spaces. The problem is that the insulation will more than likely not be able to completely fill the smaller openings. Thus, it is important to go back and caulk any areas where drafts may be able to enter into your home. You will want to caulk mainly around your windows, though it can also help to apply this material around any doors.


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