The Costs Of Installing Home Wind Turbine Kits

May 23, 2013
Costs Of Installing Home Wind Turbine Kits

Costs Of Installing Home Wind Turbine Kits

One of the fastest growing generators of renewable energy is the power of the wind and the wind turbines are the ones that help convert that power in electricity. The main purpose of these devices is to make your home less dependent on non-green energy sources and to make best use of the seemingly free electricity generated by the natural movement of air we call wind. Domestic turbines, also known as micro wind turbines have many benefits you should consider, here are just a few of them:

  • Save on electricity bills and thus make your contribution to a greener planet
  • Stock electricity for those days when there is not sufficient wind power to produce enough.
  • Sell the eventual surplus of electricity that your micro wind turbines produce. Any surplus of energy can be sold or deducted from your power bill.

Since nothing comes for free, neither does this system of green energy. Let’s go through some of the costs that you will have to bear for installing and maintaining a home wind turbine kit. Prices go from 800 dollars for the simple light turbines that are more for a hobbyist or camping purposes and can be set up anywhere where there is wind available, and can go up to 4000 or 7000 dollars just for the product itself and for the installment. Now the variety of these prices is the result of several factors

  • Is the turbines roof mounted or poll mounted?
  • Voltage. KW6, KW3 or KW1 will make great difference in price but the same in electricity production capacity as well. Wind power generators up to the capacity of KW6 are considered to be small scale wind turbines and are best fitted for domestic use.
  • Resistance to bad weather. The design of the more advanced and more expensive solutions allows for the turbines to defy bad weather in the forms of heavy snow, strong winds and storms, allowing for continual operation all along.
  • Warranty. The extent of the period that the system is guaranteed to function will directly influence it`s total cost. An average turbine has an expected serving life of 20 years but only if it is maintained properly. Many of the offers on the market include a standard 5 year warranty and regular maintenance during that period. A smart thing to do since this is going to be a long lasting investment, is for you to learn about maintaining your very own home wind turbine system and get yourself prepared with the most needed power tools for this task. Test your tools for problems and repair them quickly to prevent injuries and accidents. You can find replacement parts here.
  • Even though it is not a direct monetary cost, one thing you should certainly put some thought in is calculating how much will you save during your turbine`s expected life. This depends directly on two determinants (given that the one determinant of the model and capacity of the turbine stays unchanged):
    • The average speed of wind at the place of installment.
    • The future trends of electricity costs.

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