Reviewing Earth4 Energy: Making Sense of Solar Energy Production

Earth4Energy is a tutorial program that promises to help consumers “go green” while reducing electricity costs by as much as 80%. The Earth4Energy tutorial manual and video has been in the market for a number of years, and although it is just recently that I came across the product I wanted to help readers decide whether it is worth the trouble.

Its creator, Michael Harvey, has years of experience when it comes to solar and wind energy generation – another reason why I decided to take a closer look at the product and see what it entailed for the average consumer.

What Earth4Energy Offers to Consumers

Although there have been a lot of efforts made toward creating and distributing alternative energy sources to the public, the truth is that this type of technology remains – to this day – too expensive for the average consumer to take advantage of. A good example of this is solar energy. While it has been proven effective and really beneficial, buying and installing solar panels is simply out of the question for many – unless of course you are willing to spend thousands and thousands of dollars for a solar energy generation system in your home.

This is what Earth4Energy offers to address. It provides information and instructions to users as to how they can build their own solar power generation system from materials that are not only affordable but can be easily found from various sources. All in all, a simple system built by following the instructions on the manual and videos will only cost $250, give or take a few bucks – plus of course the price of the entire Earth4Energy tutorial program.

What the Earth4Energy Tutorial System Contains

There are several aspects of the Earth4Energy tutorial, all of which can help you on your way to making the switch to green energy while saving money on your electricity bills at the same time. Let’s discuss each of these so you can have a clear idea of what you’re in for when you decide to invest in the package.

Comprehensive Step by Step Guide – The Earth4Energy manual is about 90 pages long, and on each page users are promised to receive detailed and illustrated instructions on creating their own solar power generation system at home without the need to hire contractors or undergoing advanced training. I’ve browsed through the manual for the purpose of this review, and all I can say is that it is quite informative and very comprehensive. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand the information being provided.

What I liked about the manual is that it also offers users tips and valuable advice as to where they can find the cheapest materials for their own solar panel projects. Michael shares his own techniques in building and provides a thorough discussion of solar and wind energy in general.

Instructional Video Tutorial – If you’re not the type of person to sit around and browse through 90 pages of written text, the video tutorial may work better for you when trying to understand how to build your own solar power generation system. The Earth4Energy instructional video runs for over 2 hours and each aspect of the building process is shown and demonstrated on screen. From what I’ve read in the manual, some of the terms can be technical in nature, and it pays to have this video to see exactly what you need to do instead of just going by the instructions on the book.

Personalized Support via Email – Okay, so what if you become stuck while creating your solar panels and the manual and video just aren’t enough? Earth4Energy promises to provide a year’s worth of support thru email for those trickier aspects of the building process where you may need expert advice. Not all online tutorials and programs offer this type of help and seeing this provided by company makes a lot of sense especially since most, if not all, who purchase the product have not even tried building solar panels or inverters on their own.

Solar Sizing Calculator and Guide to Creating a Wind Turbine – This is definitely the first time I’ve seen such a device and as Michael pointed it out in his video, he actually came up with this idea when he first started building his own solar panels. The solar sizing calculator looks like a regular calculator at first glance, but instead of giving you the basic functions, it helps calculate the amount of power that you can expect from the solar panel system you’re trying to build. The guide to creating a wind turbine on the other hand can complement your solar power generation project, allowing you to make use of affordable materials to easily generate wind power for your home as well.

Pricing and Recommendation

The normal cost of the whole tutorial system including some of the bonuses which were mentioned above would roughly be worth $570. As of this writing however, the entire package is being offered for only $49.97. With payments being processed by Clickbank, those who purchase the package can be assured of safe transactions, not to mention the 60-day money back guarantee that entitles one to a refund with no questions asked. This, along with the price, is what actually made me decide to purchase the kit in the first place, seeing that I can try the tutorial and still be able to return it without any obligation if I’m not satisfied with the results.

As I see it, Earth4Energy is a legitimate product that many users can really benefit from, but I have a few points to make though. For one, if you’re looking for an instant solution to your electricity bills then this product is not for you. It takes time to actually see a reduction in the amount of electricity consumed in your household – give or take several weeks. Aside from this, the information is detailed and really helpful, but it would still be up to you to decide the type of materials and the amount of money that you are willing to invest in order to come up with a power generation system that will work best with your household needs. The information you will find in Earth4Energy is invaluable, so I suggest that you try it out. With the money back guarantee being offered there’s really no reason not to, especially if you want to save money on power costs.

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