This resource page is created to provide a library of helpful information about wind power for home. I will add more information to this page with time. Contact us to suggest resources you would like to see and helpful to you.

U.S. 30 Meter Wind Resource Map

Please, Click Your State For Wind Resource Map

When you click your state, your state 30 Meter wind resource map will open in new window. Please, make sure to disable popup blocker as it may prevent your browser to open your state 30m wind resource map in new window. Your state 30m wind resource map will be shown in pdf format. Please, make sure you have installed pdf reader, otherwise it might not load properly.

Why the 30 Meter Wind Resource Map?

Because residential wind turbine is usually 15 to 40 Meter high so 30 Meter wind resource map is ideal for small scale residential wind turbine.

In the planning phase of your wind power for home, one of the best information that you could get is wind resource map of your state. It’s free. If you need more detail information you may want to consider these paid options. Having professional wind power installer measure the wind speed or buy an electronic anemometer install it at the same height you plan to install your wind turbine to measure the wind speed.

Start planning your wind power for home today.


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