Hybrid Vehicles vs Electric Vehicles – Which Is Better?

April 29, 2013

Hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles are the most important types of vehicles that man is using these days. The price of petrol, diesel and other fossil fuels is increasing day by day and that increase in the price has made it difficult for the people to maintain petrol and diesel vehicles. Besides that, they are not environmental friendly. They produce a lot of smoke in the form of CO2, SO2, CO and, many other harmful gases. As a result of that, the temperature of atmosphere is increasing day by day. Now before going to discuss the different advantages and disadvantages of these vehicles, let us understand what these cars are actually. Let us see the features of hybrid vehicles vs electric vehicles.

hybrid vehicles vs electric vehicles

hybrid vehicles vs electric vehicles

Hybrid vehicles

Hybrid cars are the cars which can run on both renewable as well as non renewable energy sources. There are many different types of energy sources like fossil fuels, electricity, solar energy, wind energy etc. let us see what the important sources of energy that the hybrid vehicles use and how they use them for running the vehicles.

Now let us see the important pros and cons of these hybrid vehicles which use both renewable as well as non renewable sources of energy. Here are the important features of hybrid vehicles vs electric vehicles.

1) The most important benefit of these hybrid vehicles is that they can use both the sources of energy when in need. As they have electric batteries, they use the charge of batteries for running the vehicles. Because of that, they save the environment to a great extent as they don’t spoil the atmosphere by the harmful gases that they produce. There are a large number of greenhouse gases which are emitted by the petrol vehicles, but these vehicles help you to reduce the emission of these kinds of gases. Hence they are regarded as the best vehicles for today’s world.

2) There is another advantage of these cars. As they have petrol engine also, if the batteries give out in the middle, you needn’t to stop there. You can continue your journey with the help of petrol engine which is there in that car. So you needn’t to stop in the middle for the lack of fuel. Hence they are always rated as the best vehicles.


1) Any vehicle has pros as well as cons. There is no vehicle in the world which has no disadvantages. These hybrid vehicles are also not an exception to this. There are many disadvantages of these vehicles. The most important one among them is that their efficiency is very low compared to petrol vehicles. While the petrol vehicles have efficiency around 40-50%, these hybrid vehicles have efficiency in the range of 20-25%, i.e. only half of that of the petrol vehicles.

2) The other disadvantage of these vehicles is that this vehicle doesn’t give mileage. There are petrol vehicles which give you 40-50 km per liter of petrol, but in case of hybrid vehicles, the situation is entirely different. Even if you charge the battery completely for 8-10 hours, you will get maximum 50 kilometers. This is the biggest disadvantage of these vehicles. That is the reason for which the people don’t use them much. Another important disadvantage is that as they run through bio diesel also, many people chop off trees in large numbers to grow bio diesel producing plants.

Electric vehicles

Unlike hybrid vehicles, these electric vehicles run only on electric energy. They don’t have a petrol engine to support them in case of emergency. There are many electric scooters as well as cars being used in the world by millions of people. Let us see the importance of these electric vehicles and why they are being used in large numbers all over the world.

1) The biggest advantage of the electric vehicles is that they don’t pollute the environment. They are the best type of vehicles that we can have in our home if we want to do something for the sake of our mother earth, who has been giving us everything that we are asking for without any grudges. Electric energy is one of the cleanest and cheapest sources of energy available for us today.

2) Another important advantage of these vehicles is that they are perfectly soundless or produce very less sound. Besides that, they don’t need registration or driving license for driving them etc. so there is no need to worry about those formalities when you purchase an electric vehicle. So they are very easy to own and purchase than any other type of vehicle.


1) The biggest disadvantage of these vehicles is that their efficiency is very low. Like hybrid vehicles, these electric vehicles too have an efficiency which is only half of that of the regular petrol vehicles. That is the reason for which most of the people in the world are not in love with these vehicles. Besides that, they can’t be trusted in case of long drives. Their battery, once charged fully, will be spent within a range of just 50-60 kilometers, which is the biggest disadvantage of these electric vehicles.

2) The capacity of these vehicles is very low. They are unable to carry heavyweight. This is the biggest disadvantage of these vehicles. A petrol bike can carry more than 200 kg and can still cruise at a speed of 100 km per hour or even more, but the same can’t be told in case of electric bikes. They can travel at a maximum speed of 40 kmph. So the people who want high speed bikes don’t like them as they are too slow for their range. Even though it is not a notable disadvantage, they think so and hence don’t like these vehicles much.

Considering all the pros and cons of hybrid vehicles vs electric vehicles, one thing is sure. That is, if you want to have a good bike as well as saving the environment, it is better to buy a hybrid bike. In them, use only renewable energy sources while travelling and use petrol only when it is absolutely needed. Otherwise try to run them on renewable energy sources like electricity, solar power, biodiesel or whatever fuel that is being used in them.


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