9 Step Guide for Your DIY Wind Generators For Home Use

November 23, 2012

Our fossil fuels and other conventional energy resources are depleting fast. This means that soon we will be forced to utilize unconventional resources of energy. One such energy source is that of the wind that flows over our heads. It can be harnessed to produce electricity. You can make a wind generator on your own if you follow this step-by-step guide which would be easy and simple enough. Here are the simple steps to create DIY wind generator for home use.

DIY Wind Turbine For Home Use

DIY Wind Turbine For Home Use

Step 1- Collect Components

The first step in any DIY project would be to assemble the components that would be handy enough. There are some components which will be useful in making your own household wind generator. Blades for generator fan. Body of the generator. Motor for the fan. Tail and Hub for the generator. Wind generator diode for power circuit. Electric components to make it work
With such components, you can make a generator with putting a bit of effort.

Step 2- Making The Tower

The next step would be start and make the main tower of the wind generator. This would be to build a tower from some stainless steel pipes. Using them and welding the together, you can make a solid and durable generator tower for the DIY wind generator. The chimney pipes can also be useful for building a solid tower for your wind generator. The tower should be tough and reliable for holding the generator.

Step 3- Blades

Once you have made the steel body of the generator, you need to make the blades for the generator in the next step. This is something that can be done with some basic materials. You can take some simple plywood pieces. These will be tough yet light and durable as well. Or you can also make the blades with scrap metal and chimney tubes as well. These will be useful for making blades as well.

Step 4- The Tail

This part is relatively easier to handle. All you need to do is to make a tail. It is a triangular piece of metal or plastic. You can cut out a piece of metal or from a sheet of wood in the shape of a triangle. A plastic piece would be considerably lighter and easy to fix as well. This is how you can make the tail of the generator.

Home Battery Backup Power

Home Battery Backup Power

Step 5- Batteries

To make the wind generator work, you will have to need batteries. These will be needed for the motor. You need to connect the battery bank with the remaining part of the generator. Now that the blades and tower have been connected, you have to run the main battery power through the tower. When this happens, your generator will finally start working.

Step 6- Connecting The Motor

However, it is equally important for the motor to be connected to both the tower and the battery bank. This can be done by inserting the wires connected to the battery into the motor. The person should drill holes into the motor. Into these, the wires of the battery can be suitably inserted. Then, the remaining wires need to be set to the other parts of the generator body.

Step 7- Activating The Blades

The wires also need to be inserted into the blades of the generator. This can be done by connecting the motor with the blades. The motor in the generator body will be activated with the electric current. On the other hand, the motor should be linked with the blades. Then, the blades can be suitably activated.

Step 8- Connecting The Gadgets

If you wish to use the wind generator for running some of your electronic gadgets, you need to build an electrical wiring connection between the generator and the gadgets that need to be powered up as well. This is an important step.

Step 9- The Final Touch

Finally, you will have to switch on the gadget and its generator supply. When this happens, your gadgets finally begin to work with the power streaming from the wind blade generator. It will be quite busy for people when they are trying to assemble the wind generator on their own. Therefore, they should follow the simple steps to get it all made before it is quite difficult to draw on energy resources any more.

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