7 Common Mistakes when Installing your Own DIY Wind Turbine Generator

December 8, 2012

Installing a DIY wind turbine generator is not easy and cheap but most people do it because of its various other benefits including reduction in huge electricity bills which allows you to save huge amount of money as the power produced through this generator costs you nothing.

DIY Wind Turbine Generator

DIY Wind Turbine Generator

But some mistakes are commonly done by people when installing their DIY wind turbine generators. 7 common mistakes committed in this regard are being discussed in this article.

7 common mistakes in installing a DIY wind turbine generator

1. Not researching about the positioning of the unit

People usually do not check the speed of wind before installing their DIY wind turbine generator. In fact, placing the unit in the best possible location can provide you the maximum benefits of the device. Moreover, topography of the area you are installing your self made wind power generator also effect its effectiveness. Mostly hilly areas are considered as the least suitable then plains for installing a wind turbine. If you make all these considerations before installing your equipment then you will never regret about your decision. Severally little things become crucial if not taken care in time. You can get wind speed maps online from department of energy if you do not have trees or hills near your home. High rising buildings around your home and the height of the installation of the wind turbine also affect its output. So you should consider all these factors to save your time, money and effort.

2. Not enquiring about permit

Avoiding to seek permit prior to install the DIY wind turbine generator is the most common mistake committed by the people. Local authorities of some of the counties and cities had implemented the rule of permit fee before installing the wind turbine which may cost dearer if ignored earlier. In some counties they have charged permit charges from back dates which cost people in thousands of dollars. To avoid such situations one should check with the local authorities about any such permit fee is applicable or not for installing a wind turbine generator.

3. Not  getting any assistance or guidance

Avoiding taking guidance from books, videos or DVDs available to educate about accomplishing your DIY project by installing your own wind turbine generator is another mistake commonly committed by people. Taking these guidance not only help you in completing your job perfectly but also reduce your costing and wastage of time on this project as you may commit lesser mistakes with their help. The cost of these educational assistances become very reasonable as compared to the time and money wasted in the mistakes committed without them. The pictures provided in the books and videos make it easier for you to complete your project more effectively I you view them regularly during making and installing the wind turbine generator made by you.

4. Not getting enough information about the seller or manufacturer

The common mistake committed during DIY installation of readymade wind turbine generator is not researching thoroughly about the seller and the product they are purchasing. You should ask about the after sales support provided by the manufacturer or seller which can help you a lot in installing the unit. You must have the contact number of the person/persons responsible for such assistances to call them when needed during installing the wind turbine by your own. In the absence of such contact information you may linger on amidst the project unless any information regarding your problem reaches you from other means of communications like email or phone. Enquiring about any such arrangement before investing on the equipment will save not only your money but also you from being harassed from the inactiveness of the device.

5. Not checking warranty

You should thoroughly understand the clauses of the warranty offered by the manufacturer otherwise you will have to face a hard time. Sometimes warranty clauses are written in some twisting words that it becomes difficult for the buyers to understand in simple words. You should go through these clauses personally to avoid any harassment in future. Clarify all the twisty clauses with the seller before investing on a readymade wind turbine generator to be installed at your home yourself.

6. Not discussing wind turbine installation with neighbors

People usually avoid discussing with their neighbors about the installation of wind turbine generator unit even before taking permit, if they have any objection on it. Sometimes people oppose the things that are done without consulting them which sometimes end up in lawsuits after you have spent much of your fortune in taking permit and buying the unit. You should avoid such situations at any cost as such avoidances may cost you greatly not only monetarily but mentally also. Getting the permit from the local authorities does not empower you to do whatever you like without consulting your neighbors. They are always free to move to courts to object your decisions if you have taken them without consulting them earlier. Though you can win the legal suit later on but the harassment and mental tension you will bear in the meantime will cause irreparable losses to you.

7. Not consulting other experienced home owners regarding DIY installing of wind turbine

People usually avoid consulting other experienced home owners in regard to the DIY installation of their own wind turbine generator, even if they have no prior knowledge regarding it. You should share their experiences before spending their savings on the equipment and its installation. You can get almost complete knowledge of all the problems that you may face as stated above. They can tell you about the quality of the wind turbine and its suitable installation location before buying it. You can know about all the loopholes in warranty clauses, the suitable assistance material and implications of not consulting the neighbors if you consult other experienced people before making any move towards installing the wind turbine on your own.

So, you can avoid all the 7 common mistakes when installing your own DIY wind turbine generator if you consider them carefully before making any investment in this regard.


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